How did we help a start-up get ready to scale whilst delivering on short-term objectives?

Elton is a easy-to-use app uniting various charging operators across the Nordic region and Europe, offering end-to-end support for electric vehicle users. Conceptualized within VG Lab, VG's innovation hub owned by Schibsted, the Elton app launched in 2021.

The challenge

Elton Mobility needed to improve its market position, increase the number of app downloads, and prepare for expansion in the Nordic region. Elton entered a partnership with us on both strategic and operational levels in marketing the charging app. As per Elton's request, it was decided that one of our consultants would work closely with the team on a regular basis, allowing full integration and growth in line with the company's development. This provided us with the opportunity to collaborate closely with the talented Elton team and get to know the company better. This collaboration was supported by our hybrid model, which you can read more about later in this case study.

Having a consultant in-house focusing on the company's marketing worked very well, and allowed the consultant to become a natural part of the team. The solution also allowed us to easily scale the collaboration as both- the company and the budget grew during this important phase for the company. The delivery was solid, both in terms of the tactical and strategic work done, and the results achieved.

- Jørgen Elton Nilsen, CEO Elton Mobility

The Solution

Phase 1: Elton as a start-up

We joined Elton during an intense period of rapid scaling. The focus was on developing the app, improving core features, and preparing for scaling in the Nordic region. With increased confidence in the app's functionality, they now wanted to increase their focus on advertising just before their most important period of the year - the summer of 2022.

As the newest addition to the Elton team, we conducted an audit of all accounts and campaign processes to gain insights and identify potential areas for improvement. Based on the findings of the audit, we updated the digital setup by including a focus on context and implementing a full-funnel strategy to follow potential users throughout their customer journey. To support the new digital setup, a more complex media plan was developed for efficient budget allocation.


  • New channels, target audiences, and ad formats for campaigns
  • Reporting, optimization, and growth routines in collaboration with the Elton team
  • New campaign plan and media budget for 2022

Through insights and in-depth analysis, we transformed Elton's digital presence. The results of the summer campaign in June 2022 showed that Elton Mobility achieved impressive improvements in key metrics just one year after its launch:

  • Link clicks: An increase of 97%.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click): A decrease of 85%, demonstrating the effectiveness of advertising and cost management.
  • Downloads: An increase of 147%, indicating a strong attraction of potential users.
  • Cost per download: A decrease of 79%, confirming that the campaigns delivered results efficiently and economically.

Our efforts in strategic campaign design, audience identification, and cost optimization led to a significant increase in campaign effectiveness, generating increased interest in Elton Mobility's charging app.

Phase 2: Elton as a Brand

At the beginning of a new year, Elton became an independent company with strong backers, which led to a shift in focus of their marketing efforts. Now, the focus was on building awareness about Elton without previous associations with VG and laying the foundation for growth towards business goals.

We played a crucial role in helping Elton Mobility establish itself as an independent brand. Through workshops and strategic discussions with the Elton team, we contributed in shaping the brand personality, vision, and mission, as well as clarifying their user journey. This work contributed to creating a cohesive identity and clear communication guidelines, which were also shared with other partners to maintain consistency in all communications.

By establishing goal hierarchies and working closely with various partners, Elton Mobility developed a robust strategy to build awareness and support growth. We developed a comprehensive marketing plan and budget for 2023, providing Elton Mobility with the necessary framework to support their brand goals.

Actions and results:

  • Brand personality
  • Vision and mission
  • Tone of voice
  • Goal hierarchy: KPIs and metrics supporting overall business goals
  • Collaboration with PR agencies, advertising agencies, and other partners
  • Strategy, marketing plan, and budget for 2023

Phase 3: Ready to scale

Elton's charging network is growing and currently has unique coverage in the Nordic region. We have been involved in their growth by providing targeted advertising and insights-based approaches, effectively launching new partners and features. Customized communication for each market ensured a targeted approach that resonated with different target audiences.


  • Ongoing advertising for new partners
  • Insights into channel selection and target audience in new markets
  • Campaign plan and digital setup based on insights
  • Adapting communication to each market

Overall Value and Results:

Throughout the three phases, we delivered the following for Elton Mobility:

  • Significantly improved Elton Mobility's campaign effectiveness with impressive increases in key indicators even with a reduced budget.
  • Assisted Elton Mobility in establishing an independent brand identity and strategy that supports their ambitions for growth and awareness.
  • Supported Elton Mobility's expansion into new markets through targeted advertising and customized communication.
  • Increased revenue from all markets
  • Established a digital setup with process and routines

Hybrid model

Our hybrid model enabled close collaboration with the Elton Mobility team over time. This allowed for a deeper understanding of their needs, which was crucial in providing targeted and valuable advice throughout the journey. The results demonstrate our ability to drive positive change and facilitate success for our clients. The hybrid model also allows for seamless transition of resources once we exit.

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