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Layer consists of 95 people who work across our various departments. On this page you will find the contact information of the department heads.

Joakim Sand

Layer Group
Joakim has a background in operations and business development. He started his career in TradeDoubler, then moved onto working as CTO for RED Dentsu X before he co-founded Layer in 2017. Joakim has been CEO and business developer for the media agency side within Layer until 2021 - when he then went on to the role as CEO for the group.

Simon Allanson

Layer Sweden
Simon has several years of experience in sales, business management and entrepreneurship. He has worked with Layer since its establishment and is today CEO and responsible for all business operations in the Swedish market. In addition to management and administration, Simon works as a consultant within IT, marketing and media.

Synne Vegsund

Layer Group
Synne is responsible for all Layer group finances. She has a background in business management and accounting.

Rikke Etholm-Idsøe

Management Consulting
Rikke is the CEO of Caulis, which offers services within management consulting, digital advertising and customer journeys. Rikke’s background is from different areas of the digital customer journey, including digital advertising, digital content production and e-commerce optimization. She gets her kicks out of omnichannel marketing strategies, solving digital challenges and really good food.

Ruben Ellefsen

IT & development
Ruben is the CEO of Sail, Layer’s development and design agency, and has a key understanding of how technology can enhance and optimize organizations. Ruben has a background as a marketer and developer, and has a passion for data-driven problem solving and maximizing potential by utilizing technology and design.

Frederik Horn

PR & Communication
Fredrik is CEO of Horn & Co, Layer's advertising and PR-agency. He has more than 20 years of experience as a communication advisor and has contributed to the strategy and the output of it for many of the biggest brands in Norway. Frederik has won numerous creative awards, and he has been the managing director for more than 15 years, which gives him a solid business understanding.

Frederik is a guest lecturer at BI Norwegian Business School, and was awarded Keynote Speaker of the Year in 2018.

Sigurd Bakke Amundsen

Media & Performance Agency
Sigurd is the CEO of Layer´s Media and Performance Agency, Hensikt. He has several years of experience from the media industry, working with adOps, sales and digital strategy. Most recently as head of events and activities at the Association for the Promotion of Skiing (Skiforeningen) working with marketing and leadership.

Hans Petter Bjåstad

Hans Petter is head of Solution, Layer's AdTech department that helps publishers optimize and monetize their ad stack and inventory. He started his career in TradeDoubler, and prior to Solution worked 9 years in Schibsted Media Group, building up two of their startup companies. He is passionate about business development, optimization and efficiency.

Erik Holand

Insight, strategy & execution.
Erik is the head of Layer´s department of strategic advisors & consultants. He has worked with Layer since its establishment and has a background in sales, business development and entrepreneurship. We assist ambitious companies with insight, strategy and execution. We strives for efficient & transparent processes, as well as profitable results.

Board of Directors

Kjetil Bakke Eriksen

Chairman of the Board

Lars Hordnes

Board member

Thomas Straw

Board member

Joakim Sand

Board member