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On average, Norwegians buy 1.4 fireplaces within their lifetime. So, how do we increase sales of a product only thought of at specific stages of life and rarely purchased?

“We truly enjoy working with our team at Layer. They are dedicated, service minded and highly competent. They feel like an extended part of our organization. Since we started working together, our sales numbers have skyrocketed. . We look forward to continuing our partnership and embark on future growth projects. ” 

- Christian Kildal Hansen // CMO Nordpeis


Norwegian company Nordpeis sells high-end, rare-buy products. The following case gives insight into how we helped them reach their on and offline goals.

This should be an interesting read for you who are looking for a holistic and long-term digital strategy, that at the same time can be managed according to short-term goals. Or maybe you just want to work smarter online? Either way, have a good read.

Challenges and needs

The biggest challenge when it comes to selling Nordpeis products is that the average consumer only buys a fireplace 1.4 times per lifetime. This means that until the point of purchase, the interest for the product category is low. Our challenge was then to ensure Nordpeis’ fireplaces are top of mind at the stage of evaluation and purchase.

The products are not purchasable online, and are exclusively available through trusted dealers across all markets. This means that we must attract potential customers to a physical store in order to view the product and complete a purchase. Because Nordpeis’ products only are available through in store purchase, they are not in control of the entire customer journey, as they would be if the purchasing process was digital. This presents a distinct challenge when it comes to communications and sales activations.With this as the basis, we must understand and control the customer journey to the extent we can - from the first point of contact online, to the completed transaction in store.

Company goals and KPIs

  • Become top-of-mind with potential customers - regardless of their current need of a fireplace
  • Increase engagement with the potential customers online, through earned and paid media
  • Increase traffic to websites and other digital channels
  • Demonstrate quality, unique features and brand identity
  • Drive traffic to local dealers and outcompete competitors

Starting point - what are we dealing with?

  • The customer journey for these products are complicated and can (in some cases) last years 
  • The product categories have a clear distinction between high and low season, which significantly affects interest and the buyers mindset 
  • Because Nordpeis delivers high-quality products at a higher price point and their products often require research, it is important that we can offer sufficient information to all potential customers.

Solution proposal and execution - What's done to succeed?

Analyze and improve the entire customer journey

  • We've been analyzing user data and providing insights that can differentiate the users between "dreamers'' and actual buyers. This is done based on website behaviors and tracking.
  • We designed a long-term digital strategy that captures potential buyers no matter where they are in the customer journey - offline and online.
  • We made sure that those who are not in the phase of buying, or does not have any plans to buy a fireplace now, still understand who we are, what we stand for and what we can deliver. Our goal and task here is to build the brand and become top-of-mind over time.
  • We made sure that those who are in an assessment phase receive sufficient information about Nordpeis' products and USPs in order to be able to weigh them up against the competition. This is done by sophisticated data tracking and funnel strategies. 
  • We made sure that those who are in purchase mode got access to the product in the best possible way. It's our job to offer the “ready-to-buy” customer an optimal and frictionless trade.

Become top-of-mind in the long run

  • Long-term framework for communication with a media plan and rationale that addresses all target groups, messages, channels and markets.
  • Design buyer personas and active use of 3rd party data to be able to adapt information to the needs of the various customer groups.
  • Communication based on relevant seasons and context.
  • 3rd party data lets us strengthen the brand among the people who do not necessarily need a fireplace today, but who classifies as a broad target group, based on lifestyle and consumption habits.
  • We provide long-term brand awareness tracking that gives us insight about the effect of our communication and marketing.

Beat the competition - Sales activation

  • Targeted communication to people who are in the mode of purchase, and active use of 1st and 3rd party data to find those who are in an evaluation phase.
  • Show the brand and products in the right context, and highlight the most important USPs based on the particular customer's needs, at the right time.
  • A/B-testing of content and messages to trigger conversions.

Create a friction-free shopping experience 

  • Additions and improvements to content on the website to meet the customer's needs when purchasing a high price item such as a fireplace. 
  • Analyze and optimize technical aspects, functionality and usability of the website.

Results then vs. now - the hard facts

What have we achieved over a two-year period?

  • Website traffic: +48%
  • Conversion rate all traffic: +81%
  • Conversions (“find product at a dealer near me”): +156%
  • Engagement Social media: +30%
  • SEO (conversions): +21%
  • Conversion rate (SEM): +88%
  • Cost per Acquisition (SEM): 46 kr vs. 38 kr (-23%)
  • Chance of continued collaboration between Layer and Nordpeis: 100%

Project group

Jonas Abrahamsen

Project manager

Simon Allanson

Project lead

Carina Vesterås

Project manager

Axel Andersen

SEO specialist

Robin Rismyhr

UX Designer